"T"s E-Z UNROLLER is just the ticket for converting round bales of wheat straw and coastal Bermuda hay into more convenient square bales.  "T"s E-Z UNROLLER was designed and is manufactered by a farmer to answer the consumer needs for smaller, easier to handle bales.  

Single Unroller

It took Whipple Simpson of Bleckley county Georgia over six years to develop and patent the "T"s E-Z UNROLLER to unroll the round bales and feed the unwrapped forage into a square baler.  Producers of hundreds of acres of wheat straw and coastal hay don't have the time or labor to harvest their crop into square bales.  It is more economically feasible to harvest into large round bales and then after the harvest is over, convert the bales.   When the producer has more time, the E-Z UNROLLER answers the call throughout the balance of the year.  The unroller is a dual feed system which eliminates loss time from roll to roll.  The system is completely hydraulically driven and is a three person operation: one to load the round bale into the unroller, cut and remove the twine, one to operate the controls that unroll the product, and one to load the square bales onto the truck.  As the bales are unrolled, a hydraulic driven dethatcher loosens the product going into the baler.  Because it is hydraulically driven it is completely reversible and can be raised and lowered as needed.  The system takes advantage of gravity to pull the hay down and loosen it, as it falls from one conveyor to another.  The conveyor to the baler is hydraulically driven and is totally independent and reversible.  The baler can be any make or size to suit the operator.  

     It only takes a minimum of two minutes to place a bale on the unroller, clip and remove the twine.  In just six minutes the roll can be unrolled and rebaled into square bales and onto the truck.  The dual unroller system saves lag time.  While one roll is being unrolled, another can be placed in the other side and be ready for the operation when the first roll is completed.  The operators booth gives an overall clear view of the total operation.  The dual unrollers are set at right angles to the operators booth and all controls are convenient to both sides of the unroller.  Four levers control both advancement of product, the lowering and raising of the dethatcher, and the speed of the conveyor to the baler.  One bar lever switches the operation from one round bale to the other, and all hydraulics are diverted with a simple flip of the bar.  When the roll has completed, flip the bar and go to the next roll.  

Double Unroller

The unroller works on any type of straw or hay.  Under a shelter, the operation can run in any type of weather, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  It saves time, labor, and cost.  Rebaling does not change the character or quality of the product.  The system is manufactured to high quality standards and is built to last.  The E-Z UNROLLER has done for the hay industry what the cotton module has done for the cotton industry.  With this system there is no down time.  A single model is also available.  

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